Today was a day to test the resolve of Team TEKNO, with both Shane van Gisbergen and Jonathon Webb struggling to move forward in this afternoon’s 40-lap 60/60 race format.

On-track activities started with practice three, tyres again being a big issue affecting speed across the field. The half-hour session ended with Shane ninth and Jonathon p26, with a second covering all 28 cars.

Qualifying for Race 22 came up after lunch, with a frantic 20 minute session to determine the grid for the start of the afternoon’s proceedings. Incredibly, at the end of the session eight-tenths of a second separated all 28 cars. Shane would start the race eighth, and Jonathon p23.

Both boys had a slow start to race 22, losing a few positions before moving forward to finish one position in front of where they started. Half time came and went in a 15-minute flurry of ride height adjustments, spring changes and ice box refills, before the cars headed out for the always spectacular rolling restart.

Unfortunately for TEKNO and Jonathon, it was we who provided the spectacular, with Jonathon forced three wide into the final turn. He ended up in the gravel trap, and to save being bogged ended up driving through pit lane, pushing him to the back of the pack. A decision to save his tyres meant he ran around at the back for the remainder of the race.

Shane had a better race, with good pace through the first laps of part two, before his tyres went away and he fell back to p12 at the chequered flag.

Tomorrow will see two 32-lap, 100km races, which will test the mettle of the soft Dunlop tyres to the max.

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Car #19, Jonathon Webb, Team TEKNO Darrell Lea, P27:

“Stint one was a bit average from my perspective, I just felt like I didn’t have any car speed, much as it’s been all weekend. Unfortunately when you’re that far back you get caught up in everyone else’s garbage, and you just end up bashing into each other and not going anywhere. In the second half I got pushed three wide at turn six on the first lap, and there was no road left. I tried to rotate it and get it back onto the race track, but it was going to get bogged, so I went around the outside. By the time I got out of the gravel trap I was in pit lane and that was our day done.”

Car #97, Shane van Gisbergen, Team TEKNO V.I.P. Petfoods, P12:

“The first half was OK, we moved up a spot to seventh, and in the second half, I’m not really sure what happened, but we just had an overall lack of grip. I was fighting pretty hard just to keep in front of everyone, hoping the tyres were low and that it would come on, but it never did. It felt like I got passed by everyone, so I was surprised that we’re still 12th. That is a pretty good thing, considering how we went today.”

TEKNO Team Manager, Bruce Jenkins:

“That was a tough day in the office. The first half wasn’t too bad, certainly for Shane. For Jonathon his pace was actually pretty good, which was pleasing. In the second half with Shane we’re going to need to analyse the data and uncover whether it was something to do with tyres, or chassis dynamics, we’re not sure. We’ll need to look into that one. For Jonathon, he got pushed at the last corner on the first lap and ended up coming through the pit lane. It was a bit of a strange one. It cost him an awful lot of time, and so the best thing for us then was to save the tyres and send him out to race to the end. It was a shame that he got knocked off, as it cost us a much better result.”