Truck Assist TEKNO Racing Bathurst Preview

Event Notes-

  • This weekend is Jack Le Brocq’s second Bathurst 1000 as a lead driver, and his fifth Bathurst 1000 attempt in total.
  • Jonathon Webb meanwhile has 13 previous Great Race starts to his credit since 2006.
  • Webb and TEKNO hold the distinction of being the only combination to claim both the Bathurst 1000 and Bathurst 12 Hour titles in the same year, a feat achieved in 2016.
  • Last year was the first for Truck Assist at the Mountain, with Le Brocq/Webb finishing on the lead lap in 15th.
  • Le Brocq’s previous best results in the Bathurst 1000 were fourth in 2016 with Cam Waters, and seventh in 2017 with Todd Kelly.
  • In 2017, Le Brocq finished second in the Dunlop Super 2 race at the event, while he finished third in the 2014 Bathurst 12 Hour, which came after he clean swept the Australian Formula Ford Championship event contested at the venue in 2012.

Bathurst is the sort of event that can turn your entire season around with a strong result, and at the same time, it’s a place where anything can happen.

“I think it has shown in the past that you don’t have to qualify up the front, you’ve just got to make sure that you are there on the lead lap at the end of the race,” said Le Brocq.

“Anything can happen, it’s one of those crazy places, and if it starts raining during the race week, it would definitely spice things up.

“It’s certainly an event I have been looking forward to, and I’d love to have another good result there.”

The long-range forecast kind of looks like last year, where wet weather might come into play…

“That definitely wouldn’t be ideal, the rain up there certainly makes life difficult.

“Last year we went straight into qualifying on a dry circuit after practicing in the wet, we had to work it out from scratch, and blow out the cobwebs while trying to set a time.

“You can never get enough laps around Bathurst… in the first practice session on your first flying lap it’s fairly hairy across the top of the Mountain, and then when you cross the finish line you’re three seconds off the pace!

“I love that aspect of chipping away at it, I can’t wait to roll out the gate for the first time, hopefully onto a dry track!”

In your previous Bathurst 1000 campaigns you have been in cars from nearly every manufacturer; Mercedes AMG, Ford, Nissan and Holden. It must be good to have some continuity this year?

“I think it’s the first time since I started racing in Supercars that I’ve had the same team and car for two years in a row, so it’s a bit of a weird feeling having half an idea of what to expect!

“I guess I’m lucky that I’ve driven that many different types of cars, because you always learn little bits from each one.”

There has obviously been a lot of talk in the lead up about parity, but nobody has run their current package before at Bathurst. How do you think it will pan out?

“It’s going to be interesting, especially for the Mustang guys, the Holden isn’t massively different, but even with all of the different rule changes since last year, everyone is going to be thinking pretty hard about how to make the cars work.

“Bathurst has such a mix of everything, with the slow speed corners, then also the high speed run across the top of the hill… but you really want a car that’s quick on the straights, because without that, it’s hard to pass anyone.

“I think there is more value in having the low-speed turn, rotation and drive, especially up Mountain Straight.

“There are a lot of ways to go about it, so it will be interesting to see which direction everyone chases.”

It’s a bit of strange lead in with no Sandown warm up this year…

“It’s weird, it’s going to be harder for all of the co-drivers, not a lot of them have done many laps, usually Sandown is the big warm up, where everyone can settle into their place.

“It’s going to be interesting to see how those guys handle themselves, but I’m looking forward to that actually!”