Call it a year of ups and downs, but 2015 has put SVG and the Darrell Lea STIX squad to the test; Sydney Motorsport park SuperSprint proving no different. After the great results from 2014 all eyes were on Shane to step up to the challenge again, rain clouds looming overhead.

Practice 3 - Sydney Motorsport Park SuperSprint

Day 1 practice kicked off to a shaky start with lots of off track action as Shane reacquainted with the car. However a change to soft tyres in practice 2 pushed car 97 into 3rd and looking increasingly ready for the weekend ahead.


The good times continued to roll into day 2, sitting in P1 after the 3rd and final practice session before qualifying. Once again the harder tyre pushed the car further back into the grid, qualifying 21st for race 21 though the light was still shining at the end of the tunnel after finding 4th for race 22.

Qualifying for Race 21 - Sydney Motorsport Park SuperSprint

Saturday afternoons racing saw a 20th place finish from a 21st start in race 21 and battling home to take 5th position from a 4th place start in race 22, leaving an uncertain but confident energy in the TEKNO pits for Sundays longer race.


Strolling into a rainy SMSP on Sunday morning thoughts of last year’s results were in mind, though the challenge ahead was not going to be a walk in the (motorsport) park. Clearing conditions early on meant qualifying was completed on a mostly dry track, Shane nabbing 4th position on the grid heading into race 23.

Qualifying for Race 23 - Sydney Motorsport Park SuperSprint

The final race was not short of action, upsets and intervention, two safety car appearances and a mid-race down pour turning the 52 lap bout into a game of tactics. Shane was not far from the action, bringing the car to life in the wet conditions mid race. Though a push for the podium was unsuccessful resulting in late contact with Jason Bright, both lucky to hold onto their 3rd and 4th positions respectively.


In typical SVG style, wet tyres were kept that way using the ‘full circuit’ to avoid overheating and early deterioration; crowds watching on with eagle eyes unknowing to Shane’s tactics.


Finishing up in a hard earnt 4th, Shane channeled some of last year’s highlight reel taking the number 97 for a somewhat sideways warm down lap before making his way back into the pits.

Overall the weekend was a success for Team Darrell Lea STIX, with a mostly issue free weekend and championship points on the board we look forward to what Sandown holds and hopefully more exciting racing.